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A photo album from the life and history of Supersci.

Gothenburg! Secret Garden (Nefertiti), P3 Guld awards, Yaki-Da (2010-01-21)

An eventful weekend in Gothenburg in January 2011. On friday 21/1, Supersci played at Club Secret Garden, at classic venue Nefertiti. Erik L was on the keyboards for the first time in a while to everyone's delight. Saturday it was time for the P3 Guld awards were held. The prize is awarded by Swedish national radio P3 and Supersci were nominated for best hip-hop. (Didn't win though unfortunately.) After the awards, a rowdy and crowdy afterparty was held at club Yaki-Da, where mics were passed. Erik L currently resides in Gothenburg and the rest arrived by train. Also new to the crew young talent DJ Kristougha joined in for the first time to get his hands dirty and feet wet.

King Of Rail, Bürchen, Switzerland (2013-11-23)

Supersci travelled up into the Swiss Alps to play at the King Of Rail snowboard and freeski rail jam. We really enjoyed the Swiss hospitality and the beautful sceneries. Big thanks to the arrangers of the jam, and the fans and nice people we met out there!

Ökända Musikfestival, Ven (2013-08-16)

The island Ven, off Sweden's south west coast near Landskrona, is the beautiful setting for the Ökända Musikfestival. Friday August 16th Supersci took the ferry there to perform, alongside great artists and groups such as Kwaai, Femtastic, Tingsek, Promoe, General Knas and many others.

GET2GETHER Hiphop@Domsaga + Supersci Soundsystem at Allstar, Sundsvall (2013-02-16)

On this february Saturday we did two nice little shows in our hometown, one at hip hop event GET2GETHER at youth music centre Domsaga, and directly afterwards a Soundsystem gig at night club Allstar.

ClubCrisp, Åre (2013-02-08)

Supersci Soundsystem (DJ Kristougha, Arka and Mr Noun) got a warm welcome in cold Åre, playing records and performing live at the jam packed ClubCrisp.

Goodfellas, Scharinska, Umeå (2012-09-01)

Supersci, KC (S-vall), and Cleo (Umeå) played at the seasonal opening of Umeå club Goodfellas (Scharinska), all backed by the fully flared live band Fabriken. The club was packed and the Umeå crowd was live, making this one a night to remember. Big shouts to Fabriken, Random Bastards / Goodfellas crew, KC, Cleo and of course everyone that came through and supported!

Street art expo "Det här är inte konst", Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvall (2012-06-25)

Supersci and singer Isabel Neib (of Don't Blame The Dog) played at the opening of this street art exposition in Sundsvall. Graffiti, sculptures, photos, paintings, skateboard art and music all shared the same roof at Kulturmagasinet museum in Sundsvall. The artists included: IKAROZ, KAOS, EGS, KEGR, NUG, FITS, ELMO, EBB, Bruce Davidsons and Max Magnus Norman.

Peez XL, Slakthuset, Stockholm (2012-01-26)

Supersci and fellow Norrland group Trainspotters (from Umeå) hit Stockholm's best hip hop club Peez XL for their "Dirty North Edition". Stockholm showed love as always. Shouts to everyone that came out and partied!

Onsdagsklubben, Country Club, Åre (2012-01-25)

Sweden's major ski resort got a visit from Supersci for a gig at Onsdagsklubben (wednesday club), at the nice venue Åregården. The crowd wasn't huge, but for sure welcoming and apreciative. Ski/board bums know how to have a good time!

Gatvès Lyga fest at club Loftas, Vilnius, Lithuania (2012-01-14)

Supersci ventured to Vilnius, the picturesque Lithuanian capital. The event Gatvès Lyga Fest was held at Loftas, a cultural arena built in an abandonded factory from the Soviet era. The event boasted a nice combination of graffiti, DJs and groups, with Supersci headlining.

Supersci + TDF at club Sound Villa, Sundsvall (2011-11-04)

Fellow S-villains Tour De Force (TDF) and Supersci played at home club Sound Villa, Stadshuset. Guest artists jumped the stage and the DJ table was crowded all night. The event was a collaboration with the streetwear brand Cityfellaz. Good S-villa vibes!

Peace And Love, Borlänge (2011-07-01)

The Peace And Love festival is held in Borlänge in the Dalarna region. It's currently Sweden's most popular summer festival, and has a positive message and vibe to it. Supersci played a late concert at a stage located in a park, and the crowd participation was overwhelming. So, what else to say but Peace and Love!?

Gatufesten, Sundsvall (2011-07-07)

A nice warm July night at the Gatufesten annual outdoor festival. The home crowd was welcoming with a lot of familiar faces showing up.

Skuret, Oslo (2011-05-27)

Supersci packed the full liveband and all instruments in the van and journeyed south west to the vivid Norwegian capital. The small and intimate club Skuret was the venue, full of Norwegians and Swedish expatriots that really made the night count. Norway all the way!

Supersci + Nordiska Kammarensemblen (Nordic Chamber Ensemble) (2011-02-23)

Arka and Mr Noun of Supersci, along with Emil Öhlén of Frihetsorkestern made three concerts with Nordiska Kammarensemblen in Sundsvall to conclude school project 'Respekt'.

Rehearsal with Nordiska Kammarensemblen (Nordic Chamber Ensemble) (2011-02-22)

Arka and Mr Noun of Supersci, along with Emil Öhlén of Frihetsorkestern in rehearsal with Nordiska Kammarensemblen in Sundsvall.

Gothenburg! Secret Garden (Nef), P3 Guld awards, Yaki-Da (2011-01-21)

An eventful weekend in Gothenburg in January 2011. On friday 21/1, Supersci played at Club Secret Garden, at classic venue Nefertiti. Saturday the P3 Guld awards were held. After the awards, a rowdy and crowdy afterparty was held at club Yaki-Da, where mics also were passed.

'Timelines' release party at club Sound Villa, Sundsvall (2010-09-18)

Supersci released their anticipated second album 'Timelines' on September 20th 2010. The release was celebrated with a full scale live gig at local club Sound Villa in Sundsvall. The home crowd was on fire and fans travelled in from other regions to help make this a night worth remembering.

'Festiwalu Pozytywna Kultura Mlodych Europejczykow', Chelm, Poland (2010-07-24)

'Pozytywna Kultura...' festival was arranged in Chelm, eastern poland for the first time this year. Remedeeh couldn't make it, but Stockholm soul talent Beldina joined the crew for this one. The gig and crowd support was great, and the polish hospitality was off the meter!

Phonetik quick studio visit (2010-05-11)

Arka and Mr Noun were in the studio a sunny tuesday in May when long time collaborator Phonetik dropped in and recorded a last guest verse for the album.

Rem and Noun in the studio (2010-02-23)

Remedeeh and Mr Noun in the studio laying down vocals for some brand new Supersci tracks.

Recording session with Phonetik (2010-02-23)

Emcee veteran Phonetik joined in with Noun and Arka to record a track for the coming Supersci album.

Christmas bash at Jop's, Sundsvall (2009-12-25)

On christmas day 2009 a special celebration party was held at Jop's in Sundsvall. Supersci performed as well as a wild line up of other S-vall artists and DJs.

Studio Sunday with Rem (2009-10-04)

Some pics of Remedeeh recording songs for the Supersci album and hanging out in the studio on a chilly weekend in October.

Life through the pad and the pen (2009-09-17)

Mr Noun and Arka in a writing session at the studio working on a track for the coming album.

Xpress Urself hip-hop festival, Stockholm (2009-07-28)

The new underground hip-hop festival Xpress Urself took place on a warm Stockholm summer night at Debaser Slussen. The line-up was inmense - over 20 live acts from Sweden and abroad plus a whole bunch of DJ's. Supersci also gave an interview at SR Metropol radio before going to the festival.

Sneakers n Stuff 10 year birthday party, Stockholm (2009-03-28)

Sweden's most renown sneaker shop celebrated 10 years in full flare and fashion at Kägelbanan, Mosebacke in Stockholm. Of course they invited hip-hop veterans and sneaker addicts from all over to party with them like it was 1999 again...

Pipefest, Vuokatti Finland (2008-08-02)

A long journey to the north eastern wilderness of Finland, but well worth it as Vuokatti sure knows how to party! Supersci was one of a few foreign groups at the 08 edition of Pipefest, among a good number of domestic finnish artists and DJs.

After Ski 1000, Ramundberget (2008-04-25)

An intense weekend far north west in the Swedish mountains, where Supersci did three shows in two days and enjoyed the sun, snow, fresh air and then some.

Skvader Dam at Norrlands Nation, Uppsala (2008-04-12)

The big student club night "Skvader Dam" takes place anually at Norrlands Nation in Uppsala. This year, the hip-hop stage offered the likes of Prop Dylan, Uppsala's own Professor P and DJ Akilles, followed by Supersci that were stoked to represent Norrland.

Kungen, Sandviken (2008-04-18)

Kungen is a small youth club hang out in Sandviken outside Gävle with a mellow and relaxed vibe to it. Right after up-and-comer Prop Dylan with entourage, as well as Professor P and DJ Akilles had rocked it, Supersci gave it their all in the tight and steamy setting.

Dub Dub Club, Kaunas, Lithuania (2007-12-28)

A brief but intense visit to one of Sweden's eastern neighbours Lithuania. Supersci played in Kaunas, the country's second city, and were shown lots of love from both the crowd, local DJ's and hip-hop activists.

Club Spiderdogs, Stockholm (2007-10-12)

Noun, Arka and Rem of Supersci grabbed the mics for a special collaboration concert with the Spiderdogs live band at the cosey Stockholm club with the same name. Stockholm´s own Mofeta & Jerre, who also arrange the club, opened the set for the night and DJ Large kept the party going.

Vårfesten at the university campus, Östersund (2007-05-25)

Supersci set out to invade the stage at the annual spring festival held on the University Campus in Östersund.

Cutting Down Trees release at club B-Line, Stockholm (2007-05-03)

Finally back in Stockholm, Supersci celebrated the new mixtape release with the ever faithful B-Line crew. And as always, Stockteez knew how to party!

Cutting Down Trees release party at Club Boom Box, Sundsvall (2007-04-13)

Over 300 heads came through to really cram up the intimate basement that hosts the monthly club Boom Box. Sundsvall up and comers Tour de Force were the opening act and Supersci rocked it to celebrate the release of their new mixtape. Intensity!

Villa Tottebo Bar, Åre (2007-02-21)

A sub-zero excursion to Sweden´s top ski resort Åre. To contrast the freezing February storm, the atmosphere at Villa Tottebo Bar was really warm and positive. Some good ol´ after-ski fun!

Club Seven, Östersund (2006-12-26)

Supersci held it down for the Norhtern part of Sweden and made a December trip to Östersund. Arka was back on track after a little time off since the birth of his baby daughter.

Christmas fun at Midnight Groove, Sundsvall (2006-12-26)

Although Christmas day is the renown Swedish party day, you really couldn´t tell this december 26th was "the day after".

Crowded house (2006-10-26)

Emcee extraordinaire Black Fist and Swedish legend Phonetik paid a visit to the Flyphonic studio.

Writing session (2006-10-20)

Dark autumn nights are perfect occasions for getting some work done in the studio.

Unplugged at Trappen, Sundsvall (2006-09-23)

Supersci performed in the green lights of lounge club Trappen together with a special live setting.

Club Yes, Mosebacke, Stockholm (2006-08-12)

Yes is of Sweden´s absolutely hottest hip hop clubs literally too.

P3 Sommartoppen, Gävle (2006-08-12)

Supersci made a guest appearance on the live fed radio show in sunny Gävle.

Turku and Malmö (July 2006)

A boat trip to DBTL festival in Turku, Finland and a club gig in Malmö.

Observe´s crib, Stockholm (2006-07-25)

Hanging out in Observe´s studio/student room in summertime Stockholm.

Gatufesten, Sundsvall (2006-07-07)

Supersci sweated it out at Gatufesten 2006 (Sundsvall street festival).

Hultsfred festival (June 2006)

The 2006 edition of Sweden´s famous Hultsfred festival was dusty and hot.

Nefertiti, Gothenburg (2006-05-25)

Supersci always like to return to Famous Jazz club Nefertiti.

Pinetrees release party at club Red Rock, Sundsvall (2006-04-29)

An unforgettable night when Supersci celebrated their debut album with friends, family and a great home crowd.

Pinetrees release party at Grodan Lounge, Stockholm (2006-04-21)

club B-line´s true school frenzy made for a nice intimate setting for a release party that really went down with a bang.

ReachOut! Stockholm (2005-09-09)

The funk could be felt at club ReachOut! Legendary Stockholm jazz joint Nalen was the place.

Supersci go to Oslo (2005-08-16)

Great wheather and cool people made for some real Norwegian fun.

Café Deluxe, Växjö (2005-08-11)

Supersci played at a small club with a big heart.

Supersci vs NuSole at Nefertiti, Gothenburg (2006-05-25)

Supersci joined forces with a bunch of real skilled musicians at the renown jazz club Nefertiti.

Chords and Blackfist (July 2005)

Working on the collaboration tracks for the "Pinetrees" album and just hanging out.

Studio sessions (2004)

A quick peek inside the Flyphonic studio.

From Sweden to Spain (2004)

Some pictures from Noun´s year in Barcelona and some from back in Sweden.

Summer havoc (July 2003)

The summer of 2003 was a long, hot and intense one.

Hanging out (2001-2002)

Some Superscientifiku snapshots from the earlier days.

Aahyeahwhatchasay cover pics (2000)

In and outside the bedroom studio of old.

Arka resting on the morning train south from Sundsvall.

Hooking up at Gothenburg central station: Arka on the left, who came down from Sundsvall with Mr Noun, DJ Kristougha in the middle who came out from Stockholm, and Remedeeh who came down from Oslo. Erik L resides in Gothenburg. Connecting the dots!

Mr Noun and Arka rehearsing some lyrics at Erik L's home studio before friday's show.

Arriving at classic Gothenburg jazz club venue Nefertiti, location for the night's club event Secret Garden and Supersci's concert.

Soundcheck at Nefertiti in Gothenburg. DJ Kristougha, Arka and Erik L.

Mr Noun checks the mic and Kristougha gears up in the back at Nefertiti, Gothenburg.

Erik L on the keys...

Soundcheck at club Secret Garden/Nef. Remedeeh and Erik L.

Showtime at club Secret Garden, Nefertiti, Gothenburg. DJ Kristougha cuts in the beat and Mr Noun and the rest emerge from the shadows.

Arka wets his throat mid-show.

DJ Kristougha played his first gig with Supersci. The young talent from S-vall has jumped in to fill the void since both DJ Observe and DJ Freddy Flex currently reside abroad.

Close study of Erik L harmonizing.

Arka and Remedeeh on stage at club Secret Garden located at Nefertiti, Gothenburg.

Arka heating up on the mic at club Secret Garden.

Erik L signs a couple of gifts to fellow Northern artists DJ Chefen and Kap of Trainspotters.

Erik L signing stacks of Supersci wax.

Big fan Hanna shows her tatoo inspired by Supersci's song "A Lotta Love".

Remedeeh also in sign mode.

Reclining in the dark backstage quarters at Nefertiti jazz club in Gothenburg.

Well-filled fridge backstage, that's how we like it!

Kris kicking it with Gothenburg heavy-hitter emcee veteran Rico Wondahman.

Dudes from Trainspotters and Supersci chilling out backstage.

Arka and Remedeeh concludes the evening with a pose in the red lights outside Nefertiti.

Morning view over Gothenburg from Erik L's balcony.

Snapshot of some Gothenburg architecture.

On the way in to the P3 Guld awards at Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg. Supersci were nominated in the category for best hip-hop/soul for the 2010 album "Timelines".

P3 Guld awards 2011, Gothenburg.

Bumped into the Trainspotters crew from Umeå in the entrance. These fellow Northerners were nominated in the same category as Supersci for their album "Dirty North". Unfortunately they also left short of the prize, so no gold to Norrland this time around! From left to right: DJ Chefen, Rewind and Kap.

Bright lights at the P3 Guld awards. Carlito took the hip-hop category prize, congrats!

Crowded and lively afterparty at club Yaki-Da in Gothenburg. Among the arrangers were DJ Dainja and Ametist, here spinning some seriously classic hip-hop.

PH3 and many others performed on the tiny stage setting at the afterparty. So did these guys, Trainspotters from Umeå. Always eager and ready to jump up and snatch the mic! Their single "Fan First" was a favorite with the crowd.

Of course Supersci also had to jump up and go at it. One mic shared by three emcees, a real pass-a-thon... Location: Club Yaki-Da in Gothenburg,

Profilen (PH3), Christoffer "Chris Silvah" Silverberg, Ametist and Eye n Eye (PH3) hangin' out at club Yaki-Da.

Mr Noun and Chris Silvah discuss the recent price increases of precious metals.

Good-bye time! Arka and Mr Noun take farewell of Erik L's girlfriend Evelina who kindly housed the whole crew in her and Erik's Gothenburg home over the weekend.