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Cutting Down Trees

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Supersci:s first official mixtape out now:
Cutting Down Trees, jam packed with 60 minutes of trunks, hackups, treemixes and of course fresh cuts - donīt sleep!

Whatīs on the tape?

The Cutting Down Trees mixtape is a full hour, DJ mixed CD with 30 tracks (including interludes), neatly packaged with full colour artwork. It contains a bunch of brand new fresh cuts, tree-mixes, treestyles and hackups. Noun, Arka, Rem, Erik L and DJ Observe are joined by long lost legend Phonetik, along with Black Fist, Organismen & Chords, Trees, Professor P, Mange Myt, King Chris and Enzyme, all bringing out that lumberjack schwing.

Sneak listen

Off My Chest - download full sneak preview MP3
Cutting Down Trees - download 2 min MP3 snippet

Order now!

The safest way to get the tape is ordering it directly from the Shop section.
The CD costs 100 kr, shipping included. Payments can be made with a credit card or PayPal account.

Record stores

The tape is an underground release and will not be available at big records stores through regular distribution. Currently it is available at these selected dealers.

Support Supersci - buy the mixtape on MP3

For you that donīt care much about plastic discs, Cutting Down Trees is also available for easy and cheap MP3 download (55 kr / 6€) in the
Flyphonic MP3 shop at

Supersci Official Mixtape #1 - Cutting Down Trees! Klick for MP3 snippet Cutting Down Trees - Buy now in the shop section - 100 kr incl shipping within Sweden