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”Simple law of physics but we choose to go against it” (Arka)

Their combination of northern melancholy, banging beats and thoughtful lyrics has been praised all over the world. Now, the wait since the last critically acclaimed album ”Timelines” is over. Supersci’s third album ”ENTROPY” is here.

Entropy is the title and topic of the album. The universal measurement of ever increasing chaos and degeneration that affect all things - incuding ourselves - and the struggle against it. Mr Noun, Arka and Remedeeh’s lyrics deal with breakups, disintegration and decay, and how to counteract these forces.

The productions on Entropy represent an evolution of the groups organic soundscape towards a more electronic sound. Erik L, Broke ’n Tipsy and Arka & Simon O lay a new framework for the Supersci’s distinct northern sound.

The guest artists on the album are top Swedish emcee Cleo, Kristin Amparo, 7evenThirty (US), Rapper kC and Isabel Neib, who also forms part of Superscis new live setting.

Supersci was early regarded as one of Sweden's most reputable hip hop collectives. They are one of only a handful of Swedish hip hop acts that have gained international recognition. Based in the northern town of Sundsvall and isolated from the noise and trends of the big cities, they have earned the respect of the fans with their vinyl-crackling sound with elements of jazz and soul.

Arka, Mr Noun and Erik L started releasing vinyl EPs back in the late 90’s. 2006 they took the step from an underground act to a group of international concern. Female emcee/singer Remedeeh joined the group and the full-length debut Pinetrees On The Pavement rotated heavily on the radio with singles such as Get! and On the Grind. Japanese and European album deals were signed.

After a mixape, an EP and frequent touring the following years, came the second album Timelines in 2010. It was very warmly recieved by the critics and was nominated for best hiphop/soul act in the Swedish national radio P3 Guld awards. It also led to a label deal in South Korea and more concerts in Europe.

Following the title track and it’s video, and the single Dark Matter, Supersci’s third Album ENTROPY is now released.

Flyphonic Phonogram 2015 (FP022)

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